Alanngut Killinganni (The Edge of Shadows)

Wednesday Oct 18 at 8:45pm & Friday 20th October at 1pm

Writer/Director: Malik Kleist

Producer: Nina Paninngnaq S. Jacobsen

Horror| Greenland|2022 | 1 hour 50 min

Language: Inuit and Danish

Tuuma a fisherman is asked to take a couple to a site that 6 years ago was where he and his friends were attacked by a Qivittoq (a ghostly wanderer from Inuit mythology). As the police finally help to investigate the tourists disappearance, his premonitions become reality as the Qivittoq’s come after all on the island.

Director Malik is building on Inuit mythology and is part of creating a new form of horror genre called the Chiller (the Cultural Thriller). Greenland is one of the new voices in Indigenous cinema.