October 15th – 22nd 2023

Celebrating Indigenous stories under the Milkyway.​

SXSW Sydney

We are proud to be in partnership with the inaugural SXSW Sydney this October.

Stay tuned for updates on where we will be showcasing Indigenous filmmakers and their stories.

We hope you enjoy what is on offer. 

WINDA Cousins

During the pandemic our team worked with one-off screenings and labs to help rebuild the community coming to see our films safely. Here is a highlight package of our celebration of Cousins.

NATIVE Stand 2023

Winda came back to the EFM to support a native fellow, Trisha Moreton-Thomas, to attend EFM toolbox and the market with her feature Cloud Money. 

We also had again were a part of the Native Stand at the market, promoting Indigenous Films and Filmmakers.

Native Fellow at EFM 2024

Applications now closed.

Past Festivals

Winda means “stars” predominately the stars in the sky around our time for stories to be told (between October to December) in Yaegl and Gumbayngirr nations.