Don’t Bury Me Without Ivan

Monday 16th October at 4pm & Wednesday October 18th at 6:15pm

Writer/Director: Lyubov Borisova

Producer: Ivan BOLOTNIKOV, Dmitry SHADRIN, Sardana SAVVINA

Drama| Russian|2022 | 2 hours 4 mins

Language:Sahka, Russian |subtitled

Stepan Beresekov, lapses into a lethargic sleep, on waking up at his funeral, everyone in his village believes him to be a ghost. When Ivan Popov, son of the priest, who is heading on an ethnographic expedition distinguishes the truth. Stepan decides to go on the expedition with Ivan, his saviour, so as not to be buried alive.

Based on a true story that happened in 1910 in Yakutia, Sakha territory. This is Lubov’s second film. A poetic film that captures an understanding of beauty and what would happen if you couldn’t stay awake to behold it.