Bush Shorts

Tuesday 17th October 8:30pm &  Friday 20th October 4pm      

A collection of emerging Indigenous voices from around Australia. This collection of shorts cover the spectrum of filmmakers from WA to east coast, showing us the journey into shaping  identity and remembering Country.

The Tale of Mr Kimberley

Director: Sam Lovell and Jack Blackburn

Producers: Marlanie Haerewa

Doco | WA | 2023 | 5 mins 45 secs

The godfather of tourism in the Kimberley’s, Sammy is a master stockman with layers of stories to tell.


Director:  Jake Duczyniski

Animation | 2023 | 3 mins 33 secs

A Ngalakgan woman is trying to catch a fish at her favourite spot, when an encounter with an eagle inspires her to use her knowledge of Country.

Bangay Lore

Director: Jahvis Loveday

Drama | NSW | 2022 | 15 mins 10 secs

Language: English


When young dancer leaves a theatre still in his traditional gear, he learns that the world around is often unaccepting of his culture.


Director: Travis Akbar

Drama | SA | 2023 | 12 mins

Language: English


A First Nations soldier returns home from the war, only to face racism that forces him to question what he fought for.

BlackTime, White Time

Director: Edoardo Crismani

Writer/Producer: Tammy Coleman-Zweck

Drama| SA|2023 | 11 mins 35 secs

Language: English

While living with her Deaf Aunt, Florence befriends an old man who is a watchmaker, what becomes an assignment for her becomes a lesson in friendship and the importance of time with loved ones.

The Getaway

Director: Adam Jenkins

Horror| SA|2023 | 11 mins

Language: English


Kyle Williams, decides to return to Country while grieving the loss of his mother. He unwillingly disturbs a grave unleashing a spiritual protector that will stop at nothing for revenge.

Marlu Man

Writer/Director: Zac James

Producer: Brooke Collard

Drama| WA | 2023 | 15 mins 20 secs

Language: English


Armed with a pouch full of ping pong balls and pushed to his limits and thirsty for justice Marlu Man kidnaps online trolls and punishes them in his mum’s shed.