Marty Leroy Adams Resistance Award

Winda launched the inaugural ‘Marty Leroy Adams Resistance Award’ in 2017 to honour and continue the legacy of a great film-warrior. In 2018 we will again be awarding an ‘Indigenous filmmaker who is making a difference in their community and around the world’.

Marty was a passionate, fierce and warrior filmmaker. He believed strongly in a vibrant, independent, Indigenous film festival that no matter where you come from, you can make a film to take around the world and make an impact through Indigenous storytelling. Marty sadly lost his battle to cancer in July 2017.

The first recipient of the award went to John Harvey at last year’s festival and he had some beautiful words to share about Winda:

“Thanks for remembering our dear Bala Martin Leroy Adams in this way. Thanks for your tireless work in creating this incredible film festival and for supportIng our voices and stories both here and abroad. Thanks for bringing and hosting our sisters and brothers from around the world in our country. It’s our connections to each other that make us strong and you do so much to create a place for this to happen. I’m deeply grateful for the legacy and generosity of spirit that you provide all of us and in doing so walk the path of those who have taught you.”








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