Toyon Kyyl (The Lord Eagle)

Set in Yakutia in 1930 – a time in rural Siberia when the Soviet presence is just starting to cast its shadow – this exquisite film follows the story of an elderly couple, Mikipper and Oppuos. One morning in the midst of the coldest winter in years, Mikipper returns from attending to their cows to see that an eagle has taken up residence outside their home. Worried that the eagle may attack their animals, but fearful of hurting this sacred being, the couple presents the bird with fresh meat as an offering in hopes it will leave.

When it becomes clear the eagle isn’t going anywhere, they fear it may be a bad omen and the nearby shaman is called. He tells them the eagle’s presence is because of something Mikipper did as a youth that has made the eagle angry. Frustrated, confused, and still cautious, Mikipper and Oppuos begin to develop a unique relationship with the “lord eagle” and become accustomed to feeding and caring for the bird as a renewed sense of optimism takes hold. However, when the thaw begins, the unexpected arrival of two Soviet soldiers threatens to upend their lives and all that they hold dear.

Filled with drama, humour, and beautiful storytelling, Toyon Kyyl is the latest dramatic film from the Sakha Republic which has emerged as a hotbed of independent – and Indigenous – filmmaking in Russia. With a 100% Indigenous cast and crew, Toyon Kyyl is a remarkable achievement and recently won the top film prize at the Moscow International Film Festival and the Best Dramatic Feature at the imagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival in October 2018.

Australian Premiere
Director | Eduard Novikov
Producer | Dmitrii Shadrin
Country | Russia
Year | 2018
Category | Drama
Duration | 80 minutes
Language | Yakut
Subtitle | English
Unclassified 15+

Toyon Kyyl

Feature | Premiere

Toyon Kyyl (The Lord Eagle)

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Yakutia, the 1930s. Old Mikipper and his wife Oppuos live their days in thick taiga. Cows, hunting, fishing make up the simple everyday life of the old people. Once early in the winter an eagle flies into their garden. The old people dare no drive it away because eagles are sacred. All through the winter […]

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