The Protectors

Thomas, an Aboriginal man, is arrested and held in a local town jail, holding cell as he awaits trial accused of two murders. While he waits in the cell he is visited by big shot cop Joe Marshall who takes Thomas to the crime scene in hopes to help him piece together the events that occurred prior to his arrest.

Sydney Premiere
Director | Thibul Nettle
Executive producer | Julie Byrne
Producer | Tess O’Flaherty
Genre | Horror, Thriller
Duration | 6 Minutes
Year | 2017
Country | Australia
Language | English
Unclassified 15+

The Protectors


Love Bound (Australian shorts)

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This selection of Australian short films by Indigenous people tell us the story of strength and healing in the spirit of love and resilience. Duration: 91 minutes | Please allow additional time for formal welcome and Q&A if filmmakers are in attendance. Please be advised this collection includes films Unclassified 18+. BUY TICKETS NOW This […]

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