Thalu: Dreamtime is Now

Thalu: Dreamtime is Now

Journey into the modern Dreamtime stories of the western Pilbara-based Ngarluma.

Directed by award-winning Ngarluma man Tyson Mowarin, with concept art by Sutu (Mind at War, MIFF 2018), Thalu: Dreamtime is Now is a groundbreaking interactive VR experience that brings the mythology and cultural heritage of Mowarin’s people to life with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

As a spirit guide takes you to a vibrant underworld and introduces you to the traditional custodians of a land now threatened by the encroaching modern world – mining in particular – you will visit individual Thalu (sacred sites) for flora, fauna and the elements before continuing on to the world of Mingkala the Creator.

Director: Tyson Mowarin (Ngarluma)

Australia | 2018 | 18 min | VR 360

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