Thalu: Dreamtime is Now

Virtual Reality

Journey into the modern Dreamtime stories of the western Pilbara-based Ngarluma.

Directed by award-winning Ngarluma man Tyson Mowarin, with concept art by Sutu (Mind at War, MIFF 2018), Thalu: Dreamtime is Now is a groundbreaking interactive VR experience that brings the mythology and cultural heritage of Mowarin’s people to life with the latest cutting-edge technologies.

As a spirit guide takes you to a vibrant underworld and introduces you to the traditional custodians of a land now threatened by the encroaching modern world – mining in particular – you will visit individual Thalu (sacred sites) for flora, fauna and the elements before continuing on to the world of Mingkala the Creator.

Director: Tyson Mowarin (Ngarluma)

Australia | 2018 | 18 min | VR 360

Thalu: Dreamtime is Now

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Session


The University of Technology Sydney will host an all day virtual reality hub giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the latest Indigenous works in the virtual reality world. Between 11:00am-12:00pm we’ll be offering a unique viewing of Fangirl in the 360 Data Arena. VIRTUAL REALITY: Foyer, UTS Building 1, Level 4 Ultimo, […]

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