Mud (Hashtł’ishnii)

Mud (Hashtl’ishnii) follows Ruby, a mother who lives in Window Rock, Arizona with her son, Joseph. In order to keep her secret of alcoholism from her family, friends, and culture, Ruby chooses to suffer with her secret rather than seek help. 

On her last living day, her secret is at risk—avoiding speaking with her son about her problem, not admitting it has affected her well being, and living with jealousy. She feels stuck due to her addiction.

This all culminates when she walks home in a drunken state, not realising the relentless freezing temperatures. While the environment serves as a reality, her death is a transcendence where she no longer suffers.

Directors | Shaandiin Tome
Producers | Aroonsri Khamsamran + 
Mud Films LLC
Premiere | Australian Premiere
Country | United States
Year | 2018
Category | Drama
Duration | 9 minutes
Language | English
Unclassified 15+

Mud (Hashtł'ishnii)


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