Duration | 60 minutes

Winda speaks to Kerry Warkia and Kiel McNaughton about the impact of producing the feature Vai, across the Pacific.

Their first film with this style of producing was Waru and it opened up a new way of thinking for Indigenous stories, that allows for the voices of many to shine into one feature. The process of both Waru and Vai, have created a unique process and dynamic. We speak to the team about what areas impacted the story and how you drive it forward when you have a community of directors working together.

Kerry & Kiel are co-founders of Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions, whose goal is to tell stories unique to Aotearoa, with a passion for innovative content that celebrates diversity and in particular under represented voices.

Kiel McNaughton (Māori Ngāti Māhanga/Chinese/Pākehā) is a director and producer of diverse and innovative narrative content, including ground-breaking feature films Waru and Vai which he produced.

Kerry Warkia (Papua New Guinean Tolai/Scottish) is a producer who has been at the forefront of some of New Zealand’s most innovative content for film, television and web, including ground-breaking feature films Waru and Vai.

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