In the Valley of Wild Horses

Every summer in the interior of British Columbia, Canada, the community of Xeni Gwet’in travels 200km by horse and wagon from their home in Nemiah Valley to the famous Williams Lake stampede. Despite a nearly fatal accident that took place the year before, the riders continue their annual tradition, celebrating their tenth year of a new generation of Xeni Gwet’in riders. The visually breathtaking documentary follows Chief Jimmy Lulua as he leads both youth and elders on an epic journey through the vast landscapes of Western Canada.

Australian Premiere
Director | Trevor Mack + Asia Youngman
Producer | Trevor Mack + Asia Youngman|
Country | Canada
Duration | 24 minutes
Year | 2018
Category | Documentary
Language | English

In the Valley of Wild Horses

Short | Premiere

Taking the Reins (shorts)

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This collection of films drawing together stories of connection between horses and Indigenous communities around the world. Durations: 90 minutes | Please allow additional time for formal welcome and Q&A if film makers are in attendance.  Classification G BUY TICKETS NOW This screening is sponsored by TATU, Talking About Tobacco Use.    

Australian Short Taking the Reins