Ida’s Dreaming Place

Ida earns money from her painting and she loves to play cards. She has a dream to have her own place, so when she earns money she puts some aside for the things that matter. Card Stories – Series Two is a unique public health promotional campaign that specifically targets Indigenous Australians living in remote communities in the Northern Territory. It builds on the success of a 2016 ICTV project featuring stories about strategies people may use to minimise problem gambling.

Director | Shirleen Campbell + Mentor (Jan Cattoni)
Producer | Rita Cattoni + Anna Cadden + Catherine Liddle
Country | Australia
Duration | 6:00 minutes
Year | 2018
Genre | Drama
Language | English
Unclassified G

Ida's Dreaming Place


For Love of Country (Australian shorts)

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A selection of Australian short films by Indigenous people about connection to country and the journey of belonging | Duration: 80 minutes | Please allow additional time for formal welcome and Q&A if film makers are in attendance.  Please be advised this collection of films includes some Unclassified 15+ and Unclassified 18+ films. BUY TICKETS NOW This […]

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