Short | Premiere

Every day is a social battle. When a young fa’afafine is rejected by society, she finds strength in identity through the spirits of her ancestors. Through contemporary dance and the flick of a fan, Fa’afafine sisters ‘Fine Fatale’ bring traditional inspiration to the universal theme of being outcast and how the strength of one can help another. From the creators of the first Indigenous interactive documentary ‘Poi360’ and NZWebfest award winner ‘The F Word’, comes a Pacific 2D & immersive 360 film for a new generation. FANGIRL is a new wave of young fem-gems empowering others to be who they are through dance.  Fan Girl is a window into the world of an ‘outsider’ through a niche perspective of fa’afafine dance and contemporary pacific culture.

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Australian Premiere
Country | New Zealand
Year | 2018
Category | Experimental
Duration | 6 minutes
Language | Without dialogue
Direction | Mario Faumui
Production | Ngatapa Black
Cast | Amanaki Prescott-Faletau + Raukura Tuhura  + Valentino Maliko + Spencer Papali’i + Sese Pahulu


Short | Premiere

Thick Skinned (international shorts)

Event Cinemas

This collection of international short films by Indigenous people has been curated to show strength in the face of adversity | Duration: 88 minutes | Please allow additional time for formal welcome and Q&A if film makers are in attendance.   

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Virtual Reality Session


The University of Technology Sydney will host an all day virtual reality hub giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in some of the latest Indigenous works in the virtual reality world.

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