Brass Against the Odds

When the missionaries came to Yarrabah, just north of Cairns, in the late 1800’s they brought with them Brass musical instruments, and from then on the Yarrabah Brass Band has maintained a legacy of music and performance within the community. Seen through the eyes of descendants of original members, we get a snap shot into the lives and challenges facing the next wave of musicians in the newly re-formed Yarrabah Brass band in Far North Queensland.

Director | Douglas Watkin (Yarrabah)
Producer | Mick Angus + Douglas Watkin (Yarrabah)
Year | 2018
Duration | 9.5 minutes
Country | Australia
Language | English + Creole
Unclassified G

Brass Against the Odds

Short | Premiere

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A selection of Australian short films by Indigenous people about connection to country and the journey of belonging | Duration: 80 minutes | Please allow additional time for formal welcome and Q&A if film makers are in attendance.  Please be advised this collection of films includes some Unclassified 15+ and Unclassified 18+ films. BUY TICKETS NOW This […]

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