Building Your Brand on Social Media

11th November 1:30-4pm

Branding is vital for creative professionals and arts organisations, but often so hard to get right. In this practical and entertaining workshop, participants will come to understand branding as the realisation of a ‘personality’, with fun exercises to start perfecting a personal and professional brand. We’ll also cover the basics of social media, including getting started, which platform to choose, posting the best content, and tricks to staying up-to-date.

Lillie Brown is a freelance marketing strategist and Marketing Manager of Creative Plus Business. Lillie works with small to medium creative businesses to devise and implement marketing and social media strategies that are easy for creative brains to digest. She walks clients through a comprehensive planning process to create simple to understand and actionable strategies to help them fulfil their vision. Lillie has been the Marketing Manager of Creative Plus Business since 2018, and has helped build our social enterprise to a national scale.

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