Winda means ‘stars’ in the Gumbaynggirr language from the north coast of New South Wales. The name of the Festival draws inspiration from Aboriginal Astronomy, where we look to the stars for guidance, creation and for our ancestors.

The logo is the star trail of the Milky Way which is seen across the Southern Hemisphere, and also inspired by The Emu In The Sky dreaming as one of the creation stories that crosses the nations of Australia.

Winda now in it’s second year in 2017, the inaugural Festival last year, curated works by Australian and international Indigenous filmmakers focusing on the theme ‘From the Four Directions’. This year’s Festival will be ‘Celebrating Indigenous Films Under the Milkyway’.

The 2017 Festival would like to acknowledge and thank UTS: Jumbunna Institute and New Horizon Films as our major partner for their commitment to Indigenous screen. Also, Wurhu Darhuy Foundation, Cushman&Wakefield, 2SER Radio, Event Cinemas George Street, City of Sydney, Creative Content and Homeground Festival – Sydney Opera House for their support and partnership for our Festival in 2017.

New Horizon Films is celebrated Indigenous producer Pauline Clague‘s production house specialising in feature film, tele-movie, television drama, documentary, and digital content production. Pauline has held senior executive positions in Australia’s top broadcasting companies, alongside senior production, acquisition and advisory roles in the government and education sectors. New Horizon Films is the auspicing body for the inaugural Winda Film Festival of which Pauline is also the Founder and Artistic Director.

The Wurhu Darhuy Foundation, meaning Our Voices in Yaegl, is a collective of Indigenous filmmakers who strive to create, foster and support opportunities for Indigenous voices to empower, unify, inspire and entertain, through social, economic, innovation and self-sufficiency programs for the advancement of Aborigional cultures, and stories in digital landscapes.